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Papua New Guinea staff celebrate PNG Independence Day 

Our Labour hire solutions business, FIP Group, employs more than 5,000 workers from, Pacific nations, including Papua New Guinea (PNG) under the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) scheme.  In September our PNG employees took time out to celebrate their nation’s Independence Day.
For many of our people, it was the first year they have spent away from home and family during this important date on the PNG calendar. At PeopleIN, it is a core priority to ensure our workers from the Pacific Islands assimilate to Australian life positively and have suitable support around them through the means of community groups, churches, and on-site teams. Our “Community of Care” model prioritises worker welfare is focused on ensuring our people to feel supported, safe and content during their integration journey.

Throughout this year’s Independence Day celebrations, we worked with our clients to create an atmosphere that celebrated PNG culture and gave our staff an opportunity to celebrate with their families and friends away from home, and their mates on Australian soil.

Victorian employees were able to meet and cook a meal using the traditional Mumu method - building a pit lined with hot stones, foil, and banana leaves.

They phoned friends and families in PNG and exchanged stories about life in Australia and caught up on news from home.

Teams in New South Wales attended a Sunday service in Ingham. Workers based nearby were able to come together to listen to their national anthem sung by a local PNG choir, recite a Bible reading in mother tongue, and enjoy lunch with new and old PNG friends from across the region.

We are proud to work with employer clients whose support and understanding of the PNG culture enabled our workers to celebrate this important and culturally significant day.

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