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Injured TechForce worker's thanks

Techforce HSE and RTW Advisor Joel Kass and the PeopleIN Safety and Return to Work team recently received this wonderful feedback recently from a worker injured onsite:
Dear Joel, 
I am sending you this email regarding the efforts and the lengths you and your team have gone to, and making this injury as easy and comfortable as possible. from the moment i cut my finger and was being rushed to emergency till now in recovery has been amazing. Working in the hospitality industry for over 18 years I have not seen this level of care for the staff. I have worked in major hotel chains and in small cafes and I never expected to have this level of care that you and your team has shown me. Slashing a finger in a different state that I live in is and can be very stressful and scary. Let me say this, I felt at ease with the care and assurance that you and your team gave me. Every chef that has seen or heard about my injury is even shocked with the high level of care that I have received from the company. That took so much anxiety and stress off my plate especially when it came to where I was going to stay for the night and how I was going to get to the different hospitals and also how I was going to even get home in Sydney without any luggage.
I will forever be grateful for the level of care I received and still receive in recovery from you and your team. People do not see how important you are to us workers when these injuries happen, and it plays a big role. I honestly can't wait to get back to work and continue working for such an amazing company. I never expected this much care from an agency, especially with how I've seen other agencies care for their workers. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.
Kindest regards,
Anthony S.

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