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2,500 learning hours and counting! 

What an incredible start we have had to use of our INspired Learning Hub, with more than 900 employees on the Go1 platform and in excess 2,500 hours of learning completed!

With compliance training now completed the top 5 courses you are accessing are:

  • Situational Leadership 

  • The Sleep Revolution

  • Traits of Effective leaders 

  • Fatigue Fighting Tips 

  • Active Listening 


These and others courses are easily found via the simple-to-use “Search” function.


Following a successful Phase One we’re now ready to move to the next stage. From today, managers and team leaders across the Group will be able to chat with their own teams through the platform, create and share content of interest between each other.

The People team will continue to curate learning and development courses that align to our onboarding programs and divisional career pathway frameworks. Now, managers and teams can also share any technical or industry specific content direct to their teams. Managers will receive training on how to assign learning and how to access and create interesting and specific playlists and courses for their teams.

Over the next few months, you’ll continue to hear more about Go1 as we continue to embed learning content in our onboarding and development programs that align your personal and professional needs.

Let’s keep this momentum going and accelerate the growth in all of us. 

Carla Stieper
Head of People

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