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Financial Overview

FY21 Full Year Underlying Results

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  • Record EBITDA contribution of $38m

    • Second half contributed $17m in normalized EBITDA which was a
      record half for the business

    • Techforce and Vision Surveys (QLD) acquisitions completed should
      generate an incremental $7.8m in EBITDA in 2022

  • Strong contribution from all divisions; in the final quarter all divisions were
    either at or exceeding record profit contribution

  • Strong rebound in the business post immediate challenges from COVID-
    19 restrictions

  • Significant demand for employees across all industries which PeopleIN

  • Continued investment into corporate services functions to drive benefits
    across the entire business

  • Jobkeeper refresh

    • Received $13.2m from Jobkeeper in the first half, which was used to
      support 1,350 eligible employees:

      • $3.1m was paid to internal employees. As a result of receiving this
        Jobkeeper support PeopleIN made the decision not to stand down
        or terminate a large number of employees

      • $10.1m was paid to employees in the field. Most of this went to
        topping up hours for employees who didn’t work sufficient hours
        to be entitled to wages equivalent to Jobkeeper payments (ie was
        completely passed through) and paid through to clients.

FY21 Shareholder returns

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