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Client Engagement Toolkit proving popular 

Carestaff Nursing Services Business Development Manager, Paula Stevens, is just one of the many people across the group who have already found the information in the Client Engagement Toolkit helpful.

Check out what she had to say below:

"Exploring the Client Engagement Toolkit was a great exercise!

"The top 10 clients was my first port of call and I noticed one of Project Partners top 10 clients is also one of ours. This gave me the opportunity to connect with Project Partners’ Director – Consulting Services, Alenta Kabamba, to discuss our respective service provisions to this client and also learn more about one of our sister companies in PI. This gave me great intel, conversation opportunities, ability to talk up another of our brands and generally feel like I can add PI into a meaningful conversation with a major client when the opportunity presents.

"My second foray was into the RFT collateral. A great one-stop-shop for tender and proposal fodder. Having complete a tender earlier this year for QLD Health, everything I would have needed is here. It is like Chloe Wheeler downloaded her brain into this link!


"We have such a strategic focus in leveraging business from within PI and, even if this portal doesn’t have all the answers right now, it’s a great place to start. In terms of future business, it prompted some thoughts, contacts and possible collaboration opportunities into the future. Maybe even opportunities to try new approaches to our well-worn formula for winning new business!

"Thanks for getting this together and I encourage everyone to make time explore all it has to offer over a coffee soon."

If you have questions or some information you think would be useful to share with your colleagues in the Toolkit, please email Tracy King or Chloe Wheeler

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