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Verticals team up to show the power of cross selling

Our strategy is to grow and to become the leaders in complete talent solutions.

As Australia’s current largest ASX listed workforce management company, made up of 26 brands with an ongoing trajectory of expansion, we are in a unique position. 

We have the opportunity to partner with brands within the PeopleIN family to improve our offering with current clients, and to become the employer of choice with prospective clients solely through the breadth of services we can provide.

An example of this internal collaboration is demonstrated through a recent venture with PeopleIN and leading Australian health insurance provider - Bupa. Bupa recently went to market with a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the provision of multiple services including, hospitality, maintenance staff, and nurses on a national scale. 

When the Bupa RFP came across the desks of Healthcare vertical CEOs, Nathan Hodges and Juliet Aryana, they knew how they could provide a proposal to set them apart from the competition. Juliet called Tom Reardon, CEO for Industrial & Specialist Services, and explained the needs of the contract and they developed a response that provided a 360 degree solution.

Our healthcare vertical is comprised of leading brands which provide nurses, personal care workers, nursing assistants and other healthcare workers to Australia’s leading healthcare entities. AWX has the capability to fill gaps in the proposal through their existing database of cooks & chefs, kitchen hands, maintenance, and trades staff that they provide to clients on a national scale. 
Instead of bidding for a portion of the RFP, our brands, under the PeopleIN umbrella, were able to  present Bupa with a complete resolution  – and it all started with a phone call between colleagues. 

The contract is expected to deliver ongoing revenue as Bupa taps into our ability to provide quality workers from both the Health & Community and Industrial & Specialist Services verticals. 

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